Rivington, Lancashire

Rivington is a civil parish of the Borough of Chorley, in Lancashire, England. Rivington sits below 'The Pike' and further east is Winter Hill, Lancashire both are within the West Pennines in Northern England. The name Rivington settled in 1827, prior to that it was also known as Rovington.

Rivington has many tourist attractions and has vehicle access to attractions and with good access for walkers and families. The area was a location for the 2002 Commonwealth Games. Rivington is served by good overnight accommodation and award winning activities.

Public Consultation, 2012

There is currently a public consultation in progress on behalf of http://www.rivingtonheritagetrust.co.uk/ regarding the future of the Rivington Terraced Gardens, the primary contact is Lucy West, Development Officer, Groundwork Lancashire West & Wigan, Tel. 0044 (0)1942821444, E-mail info@rivingtonheritagetrust.co.uk.

Rivington Today

Cycling to Castle, Rivington1)

Rivington is a rural area and is a popular tourist attraction - its preservation is attributed to tourism. The area is one of scenic beauty and within its boundaries are Rivington and Blackrod High School.

The Lever Park area has two barns serving refreshments, a replica of Liverpool castle and toward the Pike Leverhulmes Bungalow grounds features its Pigeon tower, Pike Tower and bridge. The Lever Park Barns are accessible on foot, cycle and car. The Pike Tower and Bungalow grounds can be accessed via Georges Lane by car but on arriving the paths include many steps and slopes.

The area is a popular place for walkers, cyclists and families on days out and most people go and venture along the banks of the Rivington Lower and higher reservoirs and the large adjacent Anglezarke reservoir.

In the Victorian period the area was known as the little lake district. The old quarries at Anglezarke nearby are today popular with climbers.

The Lower Rivington reservoir has facilities located at the Anderton side for boating and outdoor activities at the Anderton Centre.

Helicopter fly over’s also available from locations within driving distance. For Hikers in addition to Rivington Pike, there are another 12 hill summits in the area of Rivington. The are 20 Listed buildings in the Rivington boundary and Lever Park is protected by an act of parliament.


For Cyclists a local business provides mountain bike tutorials on how to ride safely and well – exclusively on bridleways. The groups site is at http://www.mountainbikeskills.co.uk The group also has a petition to the UK Government requesting better provision for cyclists at the Terraced Gardens, the petition can be found at http://www.petitiononline.com/petitions/riderivi/signatures

Rivington Pike - View From Blackrod. To the left is Reebok Stadium the home of Bolton Wanderers Football Club.2)

Property Prices

Rivingtons residential property prices are the most expensive in the BL6 area of Bolton. 1 Pall Mall Cottages, was sold for £400,000 on 15/11/2006. The School House in the village was sold for £435,000 on 24/08/2006. Ashworths Farm otherwise known as Middle Darbyshires with 3 acre of land, a farmhouse rebuilt in 1857 on the same site of an earlier building is on the market in 2011 for £669,000.

Rivington and District

Rivingtons countryside continues seamlessly toward its neighbouring areas at Horwich, Anderton, Heath Charnock, Anglezarke, and Belmont.

One of Rivingtons pre historic sites is on Rivington Moor, the Noon Hill Saucer Tumulus, excavated in 1958 revealed two tanged barbed flint arrowheads, a sacrificial flint knife with one side conventional and the other saw toothed, the artefects are dated to around 1100BC. 3)

On the Horwich boundary the Douglas river flows through The Clough, a glacial gorge, also the site of a find dated to 2500BC.4) The river Douglas heads south through Wigan and is the boundary between Horwich and Rivington. The River was diverted in the early 20th century. At Red Moss near Blackrod a skull from 1058BC was found in 1942, a first century rotary top quern was also found at Red Moss.5)

Anderton has a number of old buildings, many of which are listed status. The oldest monument in Anderton is the mysterious Headless Cross or Headless Boggart as it is locally known.

Anglezarke with its vast moorland is rural with ruins of old farms and many prehistoric sites like nearby Winter Hill, where in 1958 pollen dating established the existance of a burial mound from c.1500BC.6) Artefacts, including a cinerary urn from 1100BC found at Noon Hill can be viewed at Bolton Museum.7)

Lever Park, Rivington, The Big Map

An high resolution historic map of the Lever Park proposed area showing the locations of many buildings since demolished can be obtained by downloading from this link. The lower quality image is available on a share alike attribution license, CC-By-SA 3, created 1996, the high resolution image is copyright.

Countryside Code

Natural England produce the countryside code: Be safe, plan ahead and follow any signs, Leave gates and property as you find them, Protect plants and animals and take your litter home, Keep dogs under close control, Consider other people.8)

In summer moorland fires can spread quickly causing significant damage to the landscape. People should avoid lighting fires and should not discard cigarettes, matches or glass bottles when visiting Rivington or adjacent moorland.9)

Local Police are Lancashire Constabulary 0845 1253545, in emergency 999. Bolton Mountain Rescue operate in the area, a recent rescue being a man who had collapsed at Rivington Pike.10)

Moorland visitors code

Moorland fires can start with as little as a discarded Cigarette, if you do start a fire you could end up with a prosecution and a large bill for fire engines.

View Looking down Georges Lane, toward Pike Cottage the former Sportmans Arms. On the horizon is Winter Hill Mast to the left, Two Lads in the centre, Wilderswood is on the right, April 201111)

Easter 2011, Disposable barbecue suspected cause of moorland blaze

Rivington, Latest News

The local newspapers covering Rivington are:


There are a number of quasi-autonomous non-governmental organisations each classed as an 'outside body' for the purposes of consultation. These include West Pennine Moors Area Management Committee, Rivington and Brinscall Local Advisory Group, who's minutes are published on the Chorley Council web site. The Lever Park Management Committee, Environmental Services at Bolton Council, it's minutes and activities are not published and the Rivington Heritage Trust formed by Chorley Council who are at present creating a sub-group for consultation regarding a grant for works at Rivington Bungalow grounds. Further details may be found at http://www.companieshouse.co.uk and where registered as Trusts and details can be found at http://www.charity-commission.gov.uk

West Pennine Moors Area Management Committee

West Pennine Moors Area Management Committee is made up of representatives of: Blackburn with Darwen Borough Council, Bolton Metropolitan Borough Council, Lancashire County Council, North West Water plc, Bury Metropolitan Borough Council, Chorley Borough Council, Hyndburn Borough Council Rossendale Borough Council, Countryside Agency, North West Council for Sport and Recreation, North, West Federation for Sport, Recreation and Conservation, West Pennine Moors Conservation and Research Advisory Committee. Groundwork Trust. 12)

Rivington and Brinscall Local Advisory Group

Rivington and Brinscall Local Advisory Group that comprises of 23 representatives of government organisations, Chorley BC (3 reps), Anderton Parish Council (1 rep), Anglezarke Parish Council (1 rep), Rivington Parish Council (2 reps), Heapey Parish Council (1 rep) Heath Charnock Parish Council (1 rep), Horwich Town Council (1 rep), Wheelton Parish Council (1 rep) Withnell Parish Council (1 rep), Lancashire Association of Local Councils (1 rep), DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food and Rural Affairs) (1 rep) Ministry of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food), Tenant Farmers (2 reps), A visitor to the area (1 rep) Association of Chorley and District Angling Clubs (1 rep) Bridleways Association (1 rep) Chorley Sports Forum (1 rep) (previously a rep from Chorley Sports Council) Chorley and district Natural History Society (1 rep) Trust for Nature Conservation) The Ramblers Association, Lancashire Constabulary (Southern Division) North West Federation for Sport, Recreation and Conservation (1 rep) Friends of Healey Nab, Campaign for the Protection of Rural England, Goit River Environmental Action Team (GREAT) and officers from from Lancashire County Council, Chorley Borough Council, United Utilities.13)

Lever Park Management Committee

The Lever Park Management Committee may be contacted through Environmental Services, Bolton Council, it is classed as an 'outside body'. Its activities are not published.14)

Rivington Heritage Trust

The Rivington Heritage Trust was founded by Chorley Council, its registered office is at United Utilities. It is a small closed organization made up of representatives of local councils and United Utilities, the successor to Liverpool Corporation. It has been in the process of conducting a wide ranging public consultation in 2012 with a view to obtaining a large grant for works at the Bungalow grounds, Rivington. It is creating a separate organization of users of Lever Park, final decisions as to the use of any grant funding will be decided by the Rivington Heritage Trust.15)

Contact: John Sanders, Water Regulation and Strategy Manager, United Utilities PLC, Water Asset Management, Thirlmere House, Lingley Mere, Warrington, WA5 3LP,

E-mail info@rivingtonheritagetrust.co.uk

* http://www.rivingtonheritagetrust.co.uk/

Independent Organisations


Groundwork was created by St Helens local authority as ‘Operation Groundwork’ and now work alongside public bodies, private companies and voluntary sector organisations with consultation with the public, they are at present working with Rivington Heritage Trust.

Contact: Lucy West Development Officer Groundwork Lancashire West & Wigan Telephone 01942821444

* http://www.groundwork.org.uk

Friends of Lever Park

The 'Friends of Lever Park' is a group formed in opposition to the creation of a Go-Ape at Lever Park, Rivington.

* http://www.leverpark.co.uk

Local Councillor

The local parish council can be contact through the Clerk - Olive Fisher, Clerk to Rivington Parish Council, 'Redthorns', 23 Lever Park Avenue, Horwich, BL6 7LF. The local representative at Chorley Borough Council is Kim Snape, Labour and Co-operative elected in the 2012 local elections for Heath Charnock and Rivington Ward, Chorley Council is a member of the Lancashire County Council. The Chorley Rural East County Councillor represents Rivington on Lancashire County Council, responsible for local services, including education, social services, transport, roads (except trunk roads and motorways), public rights of way, and libraries is Pat Case CBE. The ward is 1867.05 hectares and has 895 dwellings. The Chorley MP Lindsay Hoyle (Labour) represents Rivington in the House of Commons. According to the United Kingdom Census 2001 Rivington had a population of 144.

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